Friday, August 9, 2013

I found my blog!

I had no idea this thing was still up and running. I thought for sure they'd taken it down since I haven't blogged in like 2 years, but oh no! I found my blog today. There have been several things I've been wanting to blog about lately so I'm extremely glad to have found it. There have been so many changes in our home over the last few years! We've added two more sweet boys to our family, we have Owen (3), Edmund (2 in a few days) and baby Jude (5 weeks). We LOVE our boys!!

We've also moved! Six months ago we sold our beautiful home in Montgomery, AL (tear!) and hauled all of our junk to a rental house in a suburb right outside of Charleston, SC. Jonathan took a job with Amazon and is enjoying it, and I'm at home trying to juggle my three boys while attempting to make friends and get settled in this new town. I need an outlet so even if no one reads this thing I can get my thoughts out and pictures up and have something documented from this stage of our lives. I hope you enjoy!

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