Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sowing Season

It's been a while...There's been a bit of blog silence over here at Meager Words-- mostly because I've been trying my best to bring order into our somewhat chaotic lives. We finally moved out of our temporary two bedroom apartment and into a three bedroom townhouse in the city.

 I was doing just fine until the movers delivered ALL of our stuff. We chose to downsize our living space considerably so that we could be closer to Jonathan's work which means we had way more furniture and "stuff" than our 1,300 square foot townhouse could contain.

  After the movers unloaded all the boxes for our bottom floor living room/dining/kitchen area, you couldn't even get all the way back to the kitchen because it was packed almost ceiling to floor. We've been forced to give away many things that we're not using now. We also moved some things we're not ready to part with into storage (like my big beautiful farmhouse dining table).

The whole process has been overwhelming, but, at the same time, pretty freeing. I thoroughly enjoyed temporarily living in a small apartment because there just wasn't much to upkeep. I could wash all of our clothes in a morning and clean the whole place in 30 minutes. I don't enjoy housekeeping because we have too much stuff.

Everyone has different capacities, but for me in this stage of life, with four small children, taking care of items we don't need does not top my list of priorities. If I can't clean the house in a day, we have too much stuff.

All in all, I'm in a sowing season right now. I didn't expect the move to be so hard, but the honeymoon is over and we're trying to carve out a life here in the city.

Being the mother of four is no joke: especially when they are all small. I'm tired-- really tired-- everyday. Between trying to keep my babies occupied, and sifting through all of our stuff to figure out what to keep and what to give away, life is full.

It's easy for me to get frustrated because I can't see the final results of the things I'm doing. The house isn't sparkling. I can't fit into my skinny jeans yet. My kids still have meltdowns and explosions.

So everyday, just like a farmer, I get up in the morning and do what needs to be done: trusting that one day there will be a harvest. All I can do is offer my small obedience. There are so many factors that I can't control-- just like the weather . I'm trusting that the Lord will create life from my little seeds of faithfulness.

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  1. Beautiful Renee!! My husband reminds me all the time that this is "just a stage". It's so hard to see past it when you are deep in the trenches!! I hear ha sister!! I'm so tired too....and I only have 1/2 the kids you do!! You are Supermom!!!!