Saturday, September 13, 2014

Revamping my Toms

Ok, so I'm probably a bit late to the party. I got my first pair of Toms about a year and a half ago at Christmas when I was pregnant with our third baby. I guess you know you're in your 30's when you decide to jump on a trend after its gone mainstream.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure that I wore my Toms just about everyday of my pregnancy, and though they are comfortable, they're really not the most durable shoes.

Here I am pregnant again with our fourth little bundle of joy, and I desperately want to wear my Toms. However, they have these giant toe holes that make me look like a hobo.

I didn't want to spend $50 bucks on another pair of shoes that I knew would inevitably fall apart. So I did what any self respecting penny pinching mom would do. I found some tutorials about how to repair your Toms. This one from Under the Sycamore was my favorite.

1. First, I threw my Toms in the washing machine and ran it on gentle cycle. I let them air dry.

2. Then, I used some iron on jeans patches to close up the offending holes in my shoes. In the process I accidentally burned part of the soles with my iron but you can't really tell.

3. I used my sewing machine to sew a small seam in the fabric I used to cover the toes so that it mimicked the seam already found on the shoes.

4. I cut my fabric and attached it to the front of the shoes using fabric glue. I made sure to make front folds on the toes to match the original folding on the shoe.  

5. Unfortunately the fabric glue didn't hold as well as I hoped it would, so after the glue dried, I added a few hand stitches to keep everything in place near the soles.

But here is the finished project...I think if I had it to do over again, I would use older thinner fabric from the thrift store. The age of the fabric would make it match better with the wear on my Toms.

 I chose an upholstery fabric this time because I thought it would be more durable, but a thin fabric would have been easier to glue. They're not perfect but they look a whole lot better than they did when they were holey! I'll definitely be rockin' these bad boys until the baby gets here.