Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Whole 30: Days 6-12

This post is late--Forgive me! I was planning to post every 5 days during my Whole 30 but life happened. We moved into our new house on Tuesday, and we don't have internet access yet. The company isn't coming out to hook us up until Friday...Boo!

Anyways, I'm glad I didn't post anything until now. I've had to work through several physical and mental obstacles. By the end of day 5, I was freaked out that I had somehow done something awful and severely cut down my milk production (I'm nursing a six month old). I read as much as I could about nursing moms who have done the Whole 30 and decided to amp up my snacking and drink loads of water. It worked, and my baby is happy and contented. I didn't include my snacks below, but I ate loads of cashews, Larabars, carrots, avocados, and fruit between meals. You can check out the daily play by play below:

Day 6
I have a cold, or maybe these are the flu like symptoms everyone was talking about. It's kind of miserable, and I can't comfort myself with any of my comfort foods.

Breakfast- Frittata (eggs, bacon, green onions) and Berries
Lunch- leftover Puerto Rican Beef with sweet potatoes
Dinner- Almond Chicken Stew

Day 7
I'm proud of myself today! I could have caved about 400 times, but I didn't. At lunch time I picked up lunch for our movers and my family at Cane's Chicken. I resisted the temptation to order myself some tasty looking chicken fingers and french fries. Fortunately, the hubbs had moved the contents of our freezer to the new house by the time I had time to prepare my meal. I ended up cooking frozen salmon and green peas.

Breakfast- Frittata and Berries
Lunch- Salmon and Green Peas
Dinner- Chicken Breast with Sweet Potatoes

Day 8
Anger! I don't want to be bound by the confines of this diet!

Breakfast- Frittata and Berries
Lunch- Leftover Chicken Almond Stew
Dinner- Baked Chicken Thighs (coated with almond meal, garlic, and sun dried tomatoes) with broccoli

Day 9
I'm feeling pretty down. It seems like all my issues are amplified when I can't turn to anything like food for comfort. This way of eating has dulled my desire to eat! Frustrated... I would have quit today if I wasn't blogging about it.

Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs and Strawberries
Lunch- Salad with Chicken, Tomatoes and Homemade Vinaigarette
Dinner- Salad with Chicken, Tomatoes, Avocados, Almonds and Vinaigarette

Day 10
I'm starting to feel less congested...hallelujah!

Breakfast- Frittata and Berries
Lunch- Salad- same as above
Dinner- 2 Delicious Hamburgers topped with Avocado, and Tomatoes, with Sweet Potato Fries

Day 11
Believe it or not I'm feeling amazing today! I have so much energy! This is great. I was beginning to think I was going to feel awful for the rest of this Whole 30.

Breakfast-  Scrambled eggs and a Banana
Lunch- Chili (instead of beans I used: celery, carrots, and bell pepper) topped with Green onions and Cilantro
Dinner- Salad- same as above

Day 12
Still feeling good!

Breakfast- Cashews and Fruit (I ran out of breakfast meat)
Lunch- Salmon Salad (lettuce, salmon, tomatoes, onion, almond, and balsamic vinaigarette) 
Dinner- Salmon and Broccoli

Day 13
I'm tired but feeling good. I've been potty training, cooking, wiping noses, and enduring tantrums all day. I just want a margarita, but I'll settle for an orange.

Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs and a Banana
Lunch- Scrambled Eggs with Onions and Bell peppers with an Apple
Dinner- Pollo Con Salsa Roja on top of Purple Cabbage Slaw