Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekend Sewing: Scoop Top Tissue Tee

Its a funny thing... now that I have three little ones its become harder for me to pack them up and go out on the town. Instead of being boring and depressing I'm finding that staying home more has its advantages. I've been able to take  time to do some of the creative projects I've been putting off. I'm experiencing a Mommy Renaissance of sorts (I mean I'm finally finding time to blog again).
 A few weekends ago I was able to pull together this simple tissue t-shirt while my sweet hubby kept our boys happy and occupied. I found this free pattern on the Britex Fabrics Blog. The pattern is a size small/medium but I think you could easily add a few inches here and there if you need a bigger size. I would highly recommend this pattern. The directions are simple and straight-forward and the resulting t-shirt is very forgiving which is great for this mom, since I'm dealing with a fairly new postpartum body. The only thing I struggled with was sewing the neckline hem. I couldn't get the length exactly right but I think it came out pretty decent. Let me know if you attempt this project!